Almost two months ago, DDF left EphBlog. We would like to solicit opinions from the EphBlog community about whether or not he should come back. Please use the following format when submitting your vote in the comments to this thread.

Yes or No or Abstain (Please vote either Yes or No, or Abstain. We want a clean count.)
Name (Can be real name, the pseudonym you normally use to post on ephblog, descriptive info, whatever.)
Comments (Optionally, add whatever comments you like.)

For example, one response to the poll might be:

’96 alum, regular reader
Never liked all the political rants.

Again, please give us a clear Yes/No/Abstain vote in the first line and some information about yourself (however detailed you like) in the second line. Make your comments as short or long as you like, but please try to keep in mind that the purpose of this comment thread is to serve as a ballot box, and as such we would request you not to quarrel with other voters. Honor code applies.

The question before the reader:

Should DDF Return to EphBlog?

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