Mr. Gaudino was the first professor at Williams to incorporate film into academic life. After much Sturm & Drang, how about a quiet voyage? Direct flickr version available here.

Note 1: Best viewed full screen at your own pace. Learn the Flickr Controls (see ‘help.’)
[flickr 49591439@N03 72157623797811039]
2817 frame slideshow film, shot @ .8333fps in 6-frame bursts; unenhanced, unedited

Presented inflickr. Approx. run time: 120 minutes (at default settings).

Further notes: Viewer can adjust playback speed from .10-1 fps, use forward/back keys to skip, use other means to skip or rearrange.
Best viewed on a laptop or other device where the viewer can turn the screen, or learn to turn their head.
This may interest:
Those who have never taken the Williamstown->NYC voyage;
those with a particular interest in space, or the Berkshires;
those who have not seen the area in 20 years or so;
those who have never had the time or opportunity to look hard.

Further further notes: Viewer may need to click on Flickr area to use keyboard controls. Flickr does not seem to allow “full screen” mode from this type of embed; viewer will need to use Flickr site to reach full screen mode.

(With thanks for Peter Pan Bus Lines for their assistance.)

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