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Faculty Compensation 2009-2010

Looking for an update on faculty compensation at Williams? This is the post for you! (Reporting and links to underlying data from Inside Higher Ed.)

                   Number      Salary      Benefits    Total Compensation
Full Professors      145     $130,500      $39,000            $169,500
Associate             46      $88,800      $28,700            $117,500
Assistant             69      $74,700      $24,100             $98,800
All Ranks            260     $108,200      $33,100            $141,300

Last year, we had:

                   Number      Salary      Benefits    Total Compensation
Full Professors      142     $132,700      $38,000            $170,700
Associate             42      $92,100      $28,800            $120,900
Assistant             72      $75,800      $24,200            $100,000
All Ranks            256     $109,800      $32,500            $142,300

Not a lot of changes. See the AAUP webpage for all the messy details. Among all Baccalaureate colleges, Williams is above the 95th percentile in terms of faculty compensation. Last year, Will Slack ’11 was “a bit agog at the size of those numbers.” What do our readers think?

Instead of cutting financial aid and re-instituting discriminatory treatment of international students, I think Williams should have made other cuts, including freezing the salaries of, say, full professors making more than $125,00 per year. But that’s just me: An Obama-voting class warrior!

All the rest of you rich plutocrats probably think it is a great idea to force non-rich students to take on $15,000 in debt so that full professors can get that desperately needed raise. How can they possibly survive on $130,500 a year?