There was a forum tonight on the closure of Dodd and Greylock dining halls. Were you there? Tell us what happened. Background from WSO:

CC was not consulted or informed in any way. This was a decision by the trustees.

Supposedly, we need to reduce our draw on the endowment by $21 million. Greylock costs $600,000 per year and Dodd costs $200,000.

Perhaps this was a necessary financial decision. But notice that it covers less than five percent of the budget gap.

If I had to guess, this might not be the last surprise coming down the pike…

Indeed. I understand the rational for closing Dodd, but I just can’t figure out Greylock. Don’t hundreds of students eat there every day, the vast majority from Greylock and the Row Houses? Aren’t all those students going to head to Paresky? (I can’t imagine any of them walking all the way to Driscol or Mission.) But Paresky is already very crowded during peak times. Does the plan really make any sense, just in terms of the raw number of tables/chairs?

Informed commentary welcome. My advice on how to stop/slow this idea here. If I were President Falk, I would be close Dodd for next year and see how that affects eating patterns. Wait on Greylock for at least a year.

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