Interested in faculty opinion on the early retirement program? Here is one comment (not from the same faculty member who sent me Wagner’s e-mail).

Basically if you say yes,

You work for 3 semesters more and then you get a semester paid to not teach and then 1.25 * your salary to leave.

Big $*#()$ deal….

I think anyone who’s negotiated retirement in the last 20 years has done at least that well.

I know of several people who have negotiated much better deals!

1) I don’t know if the faculty member is referring to several people at Williams or elsewhere.

2) You can see the details of the package here. (Kudos to the Dean of the Faculty for transparency.) Note also the Q&A. As usual, the quality of work produced by the office of the Dean of the Faculty is amazing. All hail John Gerry!

3) See these informed comments from Ephman87, Guy Creese ’75, and Vicarious ’83. As always, much of the most useful information on EphBlog is in the comment threads. Ephman87 and Vicarious ’83 ought to join us as authors. (And Guy should post more in the main page.)

4) My guess: Very few professors will take up this offer because it just isn’t that good. Also, many of those who do would have retired anyway, so the net savings to the college will be minimal.

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