In Speak Up, hwc asked:

Has Adam Falk taken a position on the DREAM act?

This is the bill before Congress that permits undocumented immigrants who entered the US before age 16 to join the military, attend college, and receive financial aid, workstudy, and student loans. They receive a conditional residency status and can apply for citizenship upon completion of a two year or four year college degree or two years of military service.

The Presidents of Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, and Cornell have all publicly supported the bill.


Neither Williams College nor President Falk (speaking qua President) should take a position on the DREAM Act. Indeed, Williams should avoid taking position on any partisan issue that is not directly and substantively connected to its primary mission of being the best liberal arts college in the world. Every Eph has opinions on all sorts of topics: the DREAM Act, the Iraq War, American Idol, et cetera. But Williams as an institution does not take sides unless its mission is substantively (not just symbolically) impacted. Whether or not the DREAM Act passes has zero impact on who attends Williams, so President Falk should avoid the topic entirely. For the most part, this was the policy followed by Morty.

I have added hwc’s initial question and other comments from that thread below.

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