Will Slack ’11 reports lessons from working on the staff for room draw.

1. It only takes about an hour to gain the ability to predict if your current group will need a timer/encouragement.
2. Common room control is more about ego than use, and relates to # of people * class * distance from room in a remarkable formula.
3. Everyone always wants to see the floorplan one more time.
4. Gender Caps are hard to track.
5. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

5) is a lesson that applies beyond the purple valley. Can someone explain 2) is more detail?

Could our student readers comment about their room draw experience? Recall the 2005 CUL Report on Anchor Housing:

Third and finally, the all-campus room draw is highly stressful (even painful) for many students . . .

This was probably true but was (sneakily) used by the CUL as a reason for getting rid of Free Agency. I bet that there has been just as much stress in the room draws since then. More annoyingly, much of this stress could be eliminated if room draw were just stretched out over several weeks. That would allow each group plenty of time to decide where it wanted to go.

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