Quick take-away from President Medvedev’s remarks:

“What is important: our moral responsibility before future generations.”

“Our western partners are pretty good at making movies. That doesn’t mean they tell the truth.”

Q: “Why do the defeated, live in better conditions that the victors?”
“During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union achieved the most important goal, it defeated a very strong enemy, it destroyed it, and created the conditions for Europe’s free development. It paid a huge price for that, at the same time helping all the people of greater Europe.”
“After that, the Soviet Union took its own path. I do not believe that the economic system and the political system that we had after the war, were appropriate for regular development. hence the difference in living standards and the ways people feel.”
“Yes it hurts, and all of us have had these feelings, especially when we went abroad for the first time.”
“We were aware of the price we paid for Europe’s freedom, for Europe’s well-being, for Europe’s material abundance, but we did not have a definitive answer as to why what we had was different.”

“Had the Soviet Union been more competitive and more modern, everything could have been different, and we could have avoided those traumatic events of the late 1980s, which led to its disintegration.”

(I’ll stop there and go to look for Chancellor Merkel’s comments and/or reactions).

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