Nice story on Eph basketball coach Mike Maker.

It’s more than a month after Williams College brought home the runner-up trophy from the NCAA Division III men’s basketball tournament. Mike Maker still has not watched a tape of the game.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever watch the tape of the championship game,” the Williams head coach said last week. “I just watched a clip tape of all of our offensive clips for the entire season, some of those included the last game. I haven’t watched the last game in its entirety and I won’t.”

Maker’s Ephs went 30-2 and advanced to the fifth Final Four in school history in 2009-10.

“I watched the first half,” Blake Schultz said. “That’s all I could stomach.”

It’s been a busy spring for Maker, who has been out recruiting, making preparations for next season and helping plan his wedding this summer to Erica Clausen.

Congratulations to Maker on his upcoming wedding.

What does the phrase “out recruiting” mean in this context? I had thought that NESCAC had special rules which prevented coaches from visiting potential applicants. Isn’t there a great story about former football coach Dick Farley talking with the wife of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno about this? Help us out, Dick Quinn!

Or do these rules only apply for football? Or have the rules been changed?

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