This is funny:

Route 2 is a major State highway, but when you are in Williamstown, about every 10 feet or so, students cross in front of moving cars in a “Night of the Living Dead” detachment, totally oblivious that there is in fact, actually moving traffic on the road they are directly stepping into and stalking across. Their total lack of courtesy and caution, coupled with the straggled entry of the many numbers of them onto the street, can delay and frustrate even the most patient and careful of drivers. 10 points on your license for each one you take out, which F-150 Trucks and cars with Vermont tags are quite tempted to do. This generates road rage that will rear it’s ugly head in other areas of driving in the Berkshires.

Indeed. In my experience, Vermont drivers are the most homicidally insane (or insanely homicidal) drivers on earth. Almost invariably, whenever a car on Rt 2 nearly ran me or another student over, it would bear the green plates of the Green Mountain State. They made the New York and Massachusetts drivers look positively courteous.

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