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Motion on Claiming Williams

The faculty are voting today on the future of Claiming Williams. Here is the first page of the motion.

Click for a larger version. Comments:

1) How about some transparency, as Professor Frank Morgan demands? All motions should be posted on the web before the faculty meeting for all to read. Minutes of the faculty meeting (perhaps with minor redactions of sensitive content) should be posted as soon as they are available.

2) I believe that this motion was only circulated in printed form. I thought that Williams was supposed to be environmentally conscious. Think of Mother Gaiai! I believe (corrections welcome) that faculty meeting material is specifically not distributed in electronic form to prevent leaks. Didn’t work in this case! And, the more sources I cultivate on the faculty, the less likely it is to work in the future.

3) Interested in the remaining 4 pages? E-mail President Falk and ask him why Williams is keeping secrets.

4) I am pleased to see that Professor Katie Kent ’88 is one of the leaders of this effort. I can just imagine the fun debate that Katie and I would have had 25 years ago about this topic. It is nice to see that some things don’t change!

5) Who deserves credit for the phrase “Claiming Williams?” It works well. Future historians will want to know this sort of trivia.

I will deconstruct the key passages of this memo later today. Contain your excitement.

UPDATE: Just discovered that the motion is available on the Claiming Williams webpage. Kudos to them for excellent transparency! (And, before silly readers attack me, please note that I emailed two members of the steering committee yesterday to try to get a copy. One did not respond. One kindly responded but said that she did not think a copy was available.)