Two years ago I predicted:

A week from now, Claiming Williams will be a failure because most students will not go to any events. And those that bother to waste time on a buffoon like Tim Wise will be precisely those who already agree with him. The faculty will judge the event a failure, and decline to schedule it for more than another year or two. Five years from now, only the Eph-trivia experts among us will remember Claiming Williams.

I was wrong. Not only have the two Claiming Williams days been successful but the faculty just passed the motion to make Claiming Williams a permanent part of the calendar. Bad news: This event is a waste of time that probably does more to weaken community at Williams than to strengthen it. Good news: More traffic for EphBlog! The best thing that ever happened to leftwing writers/comedians/activists was the election of George Bush. And so it will be for us.

Were any readers at the vote? Tell us all the details, especially the parliamentary maneuverings and vote totals.

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