From our friend Director of Institutional Research Chris Winter ’95, a breakdown of the Williams faculty bu race/ethnicity/nationality for the 2009-2010 school year.

                    men    women   total 
nonresident alien    3        3       6
black                7        8      15
american indian      0        1       1
asian               11       15      26
hispanic             8        8      16
white              135       76     211
total              164      111     275


1) Thanks as always to Chris for providing us with this data. The more transparent that Williams is, the more likely it will be successful in the future. And, for all our detractors, there is no other place where you can get this 2010-2011 data other than EphBlog. Enjoy!

2) These data are collected annually as a government requirement and reported to IPEDS. I think that IPEDS now has a decent time series of this sort of data. Do we have any IPEDS wizards who would be willing to grab it? (There is a reporting delay, so I think that the latest available data via IPEDS is 2009-2010.).

3) In the past, I have made mischief by trying to figure out just which professors fall into which categories. (The College declines, reasonably enough, to release that data.) See discussions from 2005 and 2007. Too lazy to click those links? Here are the best parts (slightly reworded):

Are there really 16 Hispanic faculty at Williams. Perhaps? Trying to list them all is a fun exercise. But I bet that Vista will not like some of those names. Although most people agree that ethnic identity is one that people may largely (and acting in good faith) claim for themselves, there are limits to what ethnic activists will allow for. If a non-Spanish-speaking professor’s grandfather emigrated from Spain, should she be counted as Hispanic? I suspect that Vista will answer No.

Asian (Americans?) make up about 10% of the Williams faculty. Asian-Americans make up 10% of the student body. Both percentages are about twice that of the American population at large. So what is the problem? Does Williams need more Asian faculty? Should the office of the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity be devoting time and energy to bringing more Asian faculty to Williams? Why? Worrying about the number of Asian faculty is like worrying about the number of Jewish faculty. There is no problem.

4) I believe that this data includes visiting faculty of various types, including Bolin Fellows. That is why the total is 275, 15 more than the 260 that the College reports for faculty compensation. (UPDATE: Chris points out that I don’t bother recording the 12 lecturers in the AAUP data on compensation. So, the difference is only 272 versus 275, which might be timing, Bolins or last minute hires.)

5) I occasionally tease Professor Raymond by noting that Williams has never (?) had a tenured/tenure-track African-American professor in Division III. (Raymond is a biologist.) Is that still true? It may depend a lot on what you mean by “African-America” . . .

6) As recently as three years ago, Williams had no Native American professors. Now we have one. Who is she?

UPDATE: Minor edits.

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