Free video available here. Can anyone figure out how to embed this? Please live-blog the match in this comment thread. Match statistics here. Video features the #1 doubles match, with Ephs Grace Baljon ’10 and Taylor French ’12 ahead 3-2. Williams leads in the other two doubles matches.

Baljon won the Lindsay Morehouse Award. It would be nice if she could finish her Williams career with another NCAA Championship.

Go Ephs!

UPDATE: Williams has won one doubles match and is up 6-2 in another. Baljon and French just broke service to go up 5-3. (Doubles matches are to 8. Call a “pro set,” I think.) Does Emory play particular weak doubles (and strong singles)? If not, thinks look good.

UPDATE II: Williams wins all three doubles matches in convincing fashion. 8-3, 8-2 and 8-0. Emory needed to go 2-1 in doubles against Amherst to beat them 5-4 in the semi-finals. I don’t think Emory has the singles game to come back from this deficit . . .

UPDATE III: All singles matches going on simultaneously. Four of the 6 are very even, but two featured easy wins in the first set by Ephs Lucy Marchese and Caroline Capute. There is a good chance that Williams will win 5-0 if those two play their second sets as well as they played their first.

UPDATE IV: Video has switched to the number 3 singles match, featuring Eph Nikki Reich, now ahead 6-4, 3-2. Williams has won the first 4 matches and the first set of 4 of the 5 remaining. If Williams loses after taking such a lead, it would be the worst collapse in Eph athletics in at least a decade.

UPDATE V: Three championship points for Reich . . . Williams wins! Happy video celebration ensues.

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