An anonymous faculty member writes:

Hi Dave,

I thought you might be interested in this morning’s observed alteration of the sign above the newly christened Hollander Hall. The blue cans contained Bud Light, which is not a particularly auspicious beverage. I don’t know if an endorsement of that brand was intended.

1) Excellent question! Perhaps the seniors (?) responsible for this performance art could provide some insight . . .

2) Could some Women’s Studies experts provide commentary on the usage of “Ho” in this display?

3) Can you think of something more clever that these students could have done instead? If we are going to have performance art, we want it to be high quality.

4) By the way, this anonymous faculty member is not the same as this one, or this one or this one or this one. Five different faculty members providing scoops to EphBlog, while several others have also joined in our comment threads at various times. Pretty cool, eh?

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