There are two main public events at which Adam Falk will be speaking tomorrow. Go to them and tell us what he says! (The overview I provided of Morty’s talks in 2008 is still one of the best guides to how he thought about his decade at Williams.)

The first event is the Ephraim Williams breakfast in Paresky tomorrow. It starts at 7:30, but, if you show up at 8:15, you won’t miss anything. This event is, theoretically, restricted to donors of various kinds, but no one checks invitations. Just say EphBlog sent you!

The second event is the traditional presidential Q&A from 4 to 5 on Friday at Main Stage. In a better world, the College would record and distribute either video or audio from that event, but, in past years, they have not. Perhaps this year will be different.

Go and tell us what President Falk has to say!

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