Anyone have background information on this item from College Confidential?

First Gen Program

Why does Williams want us to move in two days earlier? Is that all there is to it? It seems like they want us to “bond” for a day before everybody else gets there… I guess it would be nice to avoid the immense amount of traffic on the 1st. If I decide to not go on the 30th, then how early will I have to arrive on the 1st?

1) Is it true that all first generation (to go to college?) students are invited to move in two days earlier? If so, perhaps a reader could post the invitation in a comment below. We love to capture this history.

2) How long has this been going on? Are other types of students invited to arrive early as well? One subtle point is that, in order to be classified as first generation by Williams, it is not enough to have parents that did not go to college. You must also request financial aid.

3) In 1984, I think that the only students invited to come early were football players. Or perhaps other athletes?

4) Who was invited to come early when you were a freshman? Did the policy work?

5) I think that this is, probably, a bad idea. Treating Williams students differently on the basis of attribute X just encourages other students to do the same. (See previous discussion about racial discrimination in SPS/SSHS.) Why not just hang a scarlet FG around their necks? If you want attribute X to matter less, then ignore it. All the effort during First Days should be devoted to making students think that we are All Ephs First, that, whatever path we followed in coming to Williams, we all start out in the Purple Valley equal in the eyes of the College.

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