I know that, from time to time, people use this blog to raise criticisms of the college we all love. And even as I have now begun blogging here, I still do not check it as regularly as I would like, but will try to do so as best as possible over the next three years.

You see, during the annual meeting of the Society of Alumni yesterday (during Reunion Weekend), I was elected to the Society’s Executive Committee and want to represent my fellow alumni as best I can, being as well apprised of concerns y’all have as possible.

If you have concerns that you believe our committee can address, please let me know. And I’ll try to do a better job of reading the blog more frequently to become better informed of the issues which concern alumni with whom I do not regularly come into contact.

(Perhaps, once my laundry is done & I check out of my room in Mission, I may offer some Reunion Thoughts.)

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