I thought I would post a few thoughts about Reunion weekend, which was – as always – a blast. I have now made it to 3 of my 4 reunions (missing the 10th because of an unmovable work commitment) and, as always, the best part of the weekend is seeing old friends. I don’t do as good a job as I wish I did actually seeing my Williams friends, so I kind of count on reunions as a backstop to let me catch up with them.

So the weekend started with a rush hour drive from Washington to Westchester County, where we were scheduled to spend the night at my friend’s parents’ house – which I know is familiar to at least some EphBlog readers and, where I have been many times before, but not since last reunion. It’s a great house, and gardens are really beautiful. My friend’s mom puts a lot thought and effort into planning it all out, and it shows. She even manages to leave enough space for my son and my friend’s son to have a spirited baseball game on Friday morning before heading up to Williamstown.

Our class was housed in the Freshman Quad, but after last reunion’s 98 degree temperatures and sauna-like rooms on the top floor of Tyler Annexe, we headed to a hotel this year. At first I was kind of bummed about that – since I had lived in Williams A – but in the end it worked out really well. We made our usual trip to Goffs, loaded up on sweatshirts and hats, grabbed some ice-cream, and wandered around Spring Street.

Our Friday night party was terrific, with plenty of good live music from three different bands, each one featuring a classmate. The music was loud, but I was able to talk to lots of different people, almost none of whom I had seen since the last reunion.

Even the rain on Saturday, during and after the alumni parade, couldn’t put a damper on the day. I had a good long talk with my freshman room mate (whom I hadn’t seen since our 5th reunion) while our kids played soccer in the hockey rink. I got a chance to wander through Bryan House with my kids, showing them the absurd picture of me that still hangs on the ground floor, and the three suites I lived in on the 4th floor, and took in large parts of Paresky (which I hadn’t seen before). The food on Saturday was very good, and the bar was, frankly, spectacular.

On the whole, campus looked good, and, to my surprise, I really like the look of Paresky I was a little disappointed in the look of some parts of the campus, however. The “new” theater and parking lot really crowds that section of campus, and makes it seemed cramped to me. And the Hopkins/Sawyer/Schapiro/Stetson section next to the church seems really cluttered right now, although I guess that will change once the Sawyer project is finished. I know there are ecological reasons for this, and its only an aesthetic thing, but I though the hill between Mission and the Freshman Quad (which had grass which must have been 3 feet high) looked horrible.

I didn’t make it to any of the panels, but that was OK. I’m not sure if I’ll be back in Williamstown before 2015, but I am already looking forward to next time.

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