This is still pretty much the South Africa that I know.

Oh, sure. There are a lot more people here. And they are fucking it up for those of us who come here all the time. By being loud and idiotic, sure. And by being clueless and obvasive, yes. But South Africa adjusting to them more than they adjust to South Africa is, I bet (having never been to one of these my self) what the World Cup is about.

But in the end this is still my South Africa. I will wake up tomorrow (or in the afternoon – I’ll be up all night tonight since my buddy has satellite tv and the Celtics and Lakers start at 3– and let’s not kid ourselves that most of you imagined that satellite is not readily available in Africa)  and I’ll find a cafe. I’ll wander between shops and bars (some of which I’ll pop in to) and I’ll contact friends to arrange dinner or a drink. I’ll grab a newspaper or four and I’ll keep up on the events of the day in South Africa — politics being everything here, and most of what I do.

As I write this I am watching Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption on ESPN International, and I am seeing the arrogance of American sporting culture. JA Adande just proclaimed that the ties are why soccer will never matter, which will be a shocking proclamation to the rest of the world for whom American validation does not mean shit. On PTI Tony and Mike have been more subtle, but their opinion does not matter either. These are assholes who know nothiong about either soccer or South Africa weighing in  on the vuvuzela.

Oh, and: Let me be clear on those who don’t like the vuvuzela: Fuck you.  Seriously. Fuck you.

For years and years the Swiss cowbell and the Brazilian samba drum and the British song and chant, for fuck’s sake, the obnoxious fucking British song and chant,  have been parts of global football. Now sanctimonious prigs who are bothered by the vuvuzela are supposed to get to reign over African football?  Really? Have we not nhad enough of colonialism, neoimperialism, and general western assholery?

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