Consider MATH 301 Fall 2010 Real Analysis. Comments:

1) Williams ought to provide links to course syllabi directly via the course catalog. At the same time professors submit a course description, they would be expected to submit a syllabus (which they could update anytime they wished). The more public and transparent the college is in academics, the more successful it will be. Previous discussion here.

2) What textbook will this class use? Why not use this one? It is free! As a rule of thumb, professors pick textbooks sub-optimally because they place too little emphasis on cost.

3) Is there any class at Williams that uses a free and/or open source work as its main textbook? If not, who will be first? Twenty years from now, paying $100+ for a textbook will seem as absurd as vinyl records seem to kids today. Excellent open source textbooks are the future. I wish that some Williams professors would lead the way . . .

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