This is silly.

Entering his 27th year as the head coach of the Williams men’s golf team Rick Pohle will have four captains leading his team during the 2010-11 academic year.

Four captains for a sport in which there are only a dozen or so players on the team is ludicrous. By making everyone a captain, Pohle diminishes the honor and responsibility of the captaincy itself. If everyone is special, then no one is.

Suggestion: There should be a college policy across all sports that there is only one captain each year, even in larger sports like soccer. (Nothing wrong with having assistant captains of various kinds, especially in a sport like football.) We want to make the captain a special position, something in which a single individual feels a special responsibility to his teammates and to Williams, something that connects that Eph to the Ephs who have held the captaincy in years gone by and in the years to come. Harvard does very few things better than Williams, but this is one of them (at least on the football team).

UPDATE: Further discussion here.

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