Curious to hear what folks think are the most memorable Eph sporting events they have attended / watched.  Here are some candidates from Fall 1993 forward …  (since I only really watched men’s football, basketball, and soccer, all of my candidates are from those three sports, alas; obviously, there are many other worthy candidates, from a much wider variety of sports, that I’d love to hear about, also many older games in these three sports, such as some legendary Williams-Trinity football battles):

  • Men’s basketball beating Guilford in the 2010 Final Four.  The second half featured the best display of shooting I have ever seen from any college basketball team: 19-27 from the field, 10-14 from three (many of which were contested and very, very deep), 14-14 from the line.
  • Men’s basketball’s 2003 national title victory over Gustavus Adolphus.  Memorable primarily for the outcome (obviously) and clutch plays down the stretch.  The dramatic emifinal win over Wooster was also fantastic.
  • Men’s football stunning previously-undefeated Amherst 48-46 in 1997.  This one is hard to top … Williams scored more points vs. an Amherst defensive juggernaut in one game than the rest of the league combined to score in the other seven.  The momentum swung back and forth in insanely dramatic fashion.  Each team made crazy, clutch plays down the stretch, including a dramatic game-saving fourth down conversion by Williams and a crazy-gutsy two point conversation by Amherst.   And it ended on the first field goal of frosh Colin Vataha’s entire career.  Those who endured that freezing-cold and seemingly interminable game will never forget it.
  • Men’s basketball beating Amherst in the 2004 Final Four.  Enough said.
  • The Tucker Kain gameEnough said.
  • Men’s basketball winning at Holy Cross in 2004.  Arguably the biggest upset in Williams history, and one of the best performances by any Williams athletic team, ever.
  • Men’s football upsetting heavily favored Amherst on the road  in 1996.
  • Men’s soccer’s shoot-our victory in the 1995 Final Four.  I recall it being absolutely freezing, getting colder and colder as the game dragged on without resolution, and I also recall a storming of Cole Field after the victory.
  • Men’s soccer winning the national title against a VERY talented Methodist team the following day.  The national title run had particular poignancy as the team dedicated its season to Matt Stauffer ’96, who had earlier been diagnosed with leukemia.
  • Football beats Amherst in a 2001 clash of undefeated teams, in so doing winning the final traditional overtime game ever played in college football .
  • Led by a legendary performance from Chris Shalvoy ’08, men’s basketball storms back from a huge deficit to stun heavily favored Amherst, at Amherst, for the 2007 NESCAC title.  Capped an unbelievable turnaround after a rough year for men’s hoops.  That Amherst team would go on to win the National Title, but Williams proved that on any given day, you can never count them out.
  • Crazy fun long range shoot-out between Matt Hunt ’99 and Richard Stockton’s star (the only opposing player I recall receiving a standing ovation in Chandler) in the 1997 Sweet 16; the two of them going back and forth in the first half was tremendous fun.  The game was close throughout until Williams pulled away in the last ten minutes, which is perfect from a home fan’s perspective.  The next day, Williams won again to clinch its first Final Four appearance.
  • Williams hoops pulling away from Amherst at Amherst in 1996, capped by two late resounding dunks.  This game didn’t have any particularly profound post-season implication, nor was it especially close at the very end, but it remains one of my personal favorites.  Williams ran a very cocky Amherst team out of its own gym, and the crowd, at least 2/3 of which were Williams fans, was so boisterously pro-Eph that you never would have guessed it was an Amherst home game.  The Amherst star was, in particular, visibly psyched out by the Eph crowd.  And the dunks to cap off the victory sent the Eph faithful into a frenzy.  Victory versus a rival on the road is always twice as sweet …
  • Williams hoops losing to Stevens Point in 2004 title game.  The only loss on the list, but one of the best played basketball games I’ve seen, two juggernauts going toe-to-toe, even though the Ephs fell agonizingly short, it was a spectacularly played game full of clutch shots and can-you-top-this moments by both teams, which ended in memorable fashion.  Also memorable for the classy fashion in which the Ephs handled defeat.
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