Elephant Tracks at Nxai Pan, Botswana

First, apologies for going at this a bit backwards. Just think of it as entering a gallery from a side room, rather than the one planned by the curator.

The painting I posted yesterday was from Glier’s recent work in Hawaii. He is there because it is the third part of a much larger plan, which he outlines quite beautifully on his site. Hawaii, is the antipode of his location last year, which was Botswana. I actually posted about that part of his trip back then, but since Dcat is in Botswana now (or just returned?), and because Glier has completed paintings that were not up last year, I thought I’d post a refresher.

I highly recommend you explore Glier’s site. His project is inspiring, original, and of grand breadth, and his *paintings, photographs, and writing will transport you. If you are reading this, chances are good that you are not on vacation, and that you are looking for a bit of distraction from work. If so, Glier’s project will be a meaningful one.

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