Although most of the speculation of late has centered on Lebron James forming a supergroup in Miami with D.Wade and Chris Bosh, sources inside of the Williams athletics department have confirmed that, this evening on ESPN, Lebron James will announce his intention* to suit up next season for Coach Maker.  In explaining his shocking choice, Lebron will cite to his promise to earn a college degree, his understanding that the best basketball education consists of “John Wooden on one end of the bench, and a player on the other,” a desire for clear skies after seven years in Cleveland, the vibrant Billsville nightlife, and a lifelong hatred for Amherst College.  In anticipation of this announcement, Lebron’s Akron posse has already rented out The Orchards for the next four years, and Mount Hope Farm has been converted into first year housing.  More details to come as the story develops …

[For more on Lebron’s decision, check out Sam Sommers’ latest blog entry]. 

*Pending approval from the Admissions Office.

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