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A notice on this extremely unofficial Williams Blog-of-Record

On the off-chance the overseer’s of publicly chartered organizations for the State of Massachusetts ever decide in their wisdom that Ephblog is to be held responsible for mind-numbing posts, ill-tempered comments, and a general air of disrespect for one of the State‚Äôs premiere institutions, I wish to make public notice that I am not associated with said Blog.

I am not serving as President, however impressive that title with my name appended may be in bolstering the management section of my rather thin curriculum vitae.

I am not a member of the Board in spite of the social glamour and sense of heavy responsibility with which membership would enhance my life in our quiet agricultural valley in the Cascades of Oregon.

I have written to the administrators of the blog requesting my name be removed, but you all know how things work in the drab corridors of power of the the media elite.

Dick Swart 1956
Hood River, Oregon