So, my wife and I had breakfast this morning here in Portland with both Dave Kane AND Dick Swart and in between my shameless monopolizing of the conversation, which I apologize for publicly here in this forum of forums, Dave asked if I would post more of my content on Ephblog. This made me laugh a little, because the current episode of The Invisible Hand deals with statistics. I promised Dave I would mention him in this post, but also state that he does not necessarily endorse this episode (he hasn’t heard it yet). I teased him that, as Williams’ most celebrated statistician, his rub would help the show.

This book, How To Measure Anything, is a fantastic book on how to think about measurement, particularly those things that may be thought intangible by those looking for answers. You will hear me early on decrying my own statistical training, which was a collision of my undeveloped cerebrum and their antiquated pedagogy. That’s not a mix to ensure success. The show runs 35 minutes. TIH 109- How to Measure Anything

Now then, you may be wondering what breakfast was like with these two Eph titans. Well, they almost ordered exactly the same thing (eggs over easy, bacon) but Swart got pancakes and Kane got sourdough toast. Drinks were orange juice, milk and a latte. For all my talking, I was rewarded with extremely interesting business ideas from both of them (I will one day tell the story of little Jimmy Vuvuzela, Hedge Fund Manager from the Lower East Side), but the highlight was seeing Dick perform a one man pantomime of Verdi’s “La Traviata”, quite a feat in a crowded dining room. And for those who remember my last meal with Swart, yes, he wore THOSE shoes again.

I had a great time and if you ever have a chance to have a meal with either Dave or Dick, I highly encourage you to go. It was a blast.

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