An interesting dilemma:

I know a high school parent whose daughter is deciding between a soccer scholarship to U. of North Carolina or to Williams. For her, life is good. Soccer in the U.S. is largely a sport of the upper middle class, by the upper middle class, and for the upper middle class.

1) Should I be surprised at this overlap between UNC, a perennial powerhouse in women’s Division I soccer, and Williams? I know that Williams teams, in order to compete in the NCAA tournament, need players with Division I skills, but I did not think they needed, or had a chance at, players with Division I NCAA championship skills. Reading this (accurate?) report would be like reading about a male basketball player choosing between Williams and Duke. Does that ever happen?

2) I normally recommend that a student choose Williams over Harvard, so shouldn’t I do the same in this case? Perhaps. But the scholarship offer makes for a different calculation. How much financial aid, if any, would this student qualify for at Williams? How rich is her family? If money is not an issue, then Williams is the obvious choice. If it is . . .

3) What advice would you provide to this family?

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