Why is the Alumni Review‘s online presence so incompetent? Curious alums want to know!

1) I raised a bunch of issues 7 months ago. All the commentators agreed with me. (And we almost never all agree at EphBlog.) Has anything been fixed? No. It is all a disaster.

2) Simple fixes that would allow a regular user (like me) to work around the current disaster have not been made. For example, if I could just find a pdf version of the current issue, then I could avoid the Zmag-monstrosity. I (politely) requested this in January. The Alumni Office has a pdf version. Nothing prevents them from posting it. But the last pdf version available is from January. This is two issues behind. Why torture me?

3) There is no way to access the March 2010 issue! Williams spends all this money to create some great content and then it hides that content from willing readers. I love the articles in the Alumni Review and read it (almost) cover-to-cover. Why hide the March articles from me and all the applicants/parents/students that I would direct toward them?

4) There is no (?) search functionality. I know the Alumni Review published a nice article on Professor James McAllister recently. I want to link to that article. But I can’t find it. (Can anyone?) I can’t even find a search box to look for it. Website Design 101 explains that making it easy for people to find things is a high priority at any content site. Why can’t the Alumni Review provide even this minimum functionality?

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