From Williams’ Facebook page:

A recent post from Inside Higher Education, titled “Finding Friends – And Ambiguity,” states that while most colleges now use social media sites, they still aren’t sure what they’re good for. Well, we want to know what you think they’re good for: what do you like about the Williams social media sites, and what could we be doing better?  What features would you like to see on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr pages?  Post a comment or e-mail with questions, suggestions, or examples. Williams is a small, intimate community, and we’d like our social media sites to reflect that community.

Anyone have thoughts?  Be sure to cc the Williams twitter email as well!  I do like the new EPHS (every person has a story) page, cool idea.

Personally, I’d love to see, down the line, more historic athletic highlights and campus music / comedy performances on the Williams YouTube page; those are the types of things that have the potential to generate a tons of viewership and, potentially, even go viral.  I’d also like to see Williams aggregate (when it can get permission to do so) third-party videos featuring Williams or its alumni, e.g., this recent video of Joshua Smith from the Economist.

As for the Flickr pool, there are tons of amazing photos of Williams on Flickr.  I’d love to see an easy way for other Flickr users to suggest photos of Williams by third-parties (students, alums, visitors) be added to the official Williams Flickr pool.  [Perhaps there already is one, but I don’t think so].

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