As a follow up to our discussion of Record finances, new editor-in-chief Kaitlin Butler ’11 kindly provided these details.

A basic summation of our current spending is that over the past several months, we cut costs down to include only spending essentials. At last count, our business manager clocked in our print run at 2000 issues, which for a 16-pager means about $0.50 per paper including the cost of on-campus delivery. Due to the stipulations of our printers, we can’t do a print run of 500 copies or any such run below their specified numbers without incurring extra costs, and we are operating at the most reasonable level we can.

The cost of on-campus delivery each week is $49.50, or six hours pay for our delivery staff at the College’s minimum wage.

1) Kudos to Butler for sharing this data. A leadership committed to transparency is exactly what the Record needs during this difficult time.

2) If I were the Administration and/or College Council, I would cancel the paid delivery. The Record staff should be able to get the paper themselves and drop them off at a few dining halls. (If they also wanted to put copies in secondary locations like faculty offices and local establishments, that would be fine, but there is not enough money to pay for such luxuries.)

3) Butler’s central task this coming fall should be to begin the transition of the Record to a primarily on-line existence. (The Administration may subsidize a print run for years to come, or it may not. But the world is heading on-line, as should the Record.) She should spend 90% of her (Record-related) time on that and 10% of everything else that the editor-in-chief normally does. She should start by having conversations with other Ephs experienced in the world of media. Why not call Ethan Zuckerman ’93, Steve Case ’80 and David Shipley ’85? They might be too busy to talk with her or they might not.

You can never network too much.

4) Which college papers have done the best job of adapting to the internet? Pointers and comments welcome.

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