From reader Kevin:

Moody’s gives Amherst College its highest possible debt rating

July 6, 2010

AMHERST, Mass.—In its most recent periodic review, Moody’s Investors Service, whose ratings of the fiscal health of colleges and universities determines the interest rates those institutions pay when they issue bonds, has restored Amherst College to the highest possible rating and outlook that Moody’s gives to colleges.

Peter J. Shea, the college treasurer, said he welcomes the “Aaa Stable” rating as an important validation by an outside party that budget reduction measures implemented during the economic downturn have substantially strengthened Amherst’s financial position.

1) What is Williams’ current rating? Perhaps a reader with Moody access can help us out.

2) I am surprised that Amherst’s rating was raised. Recall HWC’s discussion of their “ugly” 2009 financial report. Have things gotten better? Was HWC wrong? Informed commentary welcome

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