Since I’ve just been somewhat of a jerk to the good folks at Dartblog, I wish to point out their identity statement:

Dartblog was founded by Joe Malchow in September 2004 as Joe’s Dartblog. The weblog, a running journal of unrehearsed commentary and reportage, focuses on higher education, music, politics, literature, and whatever fancy strikes its writers at the moment they sit down to type. Jennifer Bandy, Jacob Baron, and Zak Moore joined Dartblog in the spring of 2008; Joseph Asch and Phil Aubart joined in 2009. All are Dartmouth students past and present.

The reader will forgive us that what appears in this column is on the whole hastily dispatched; it is in the nature of the Internet. We promise, though, to provide accurate data, confident reportage, a quick turnaround—and we may occasionally succeed in being entertaining. It is not, we think, a poor deal for the reader.

We are practically brothers and sisters, and we here would do well, to review parallel efforts and expressions. (Love the part about our institutions bleeding money). I hope we can find ways, to share resources and thoughts, in the future.

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