Great article on Lasell Gym, presumably written by Dick Quinn.

They don’t make them like they used to.

A scant 83 years after the first renovation to the floor in Lasell Gym, one of the nation’s oldest collegiate gymnasiums still in use for Varsity competition, will have a total floor replacement beginning Aug. 9th. It’s expected to take about a month to replace the floor, but there’s no way to replace the memories and history of the grand building that sits atop Spring Street in the heart of Williamstown.

Built in 1886, a full five years before the invention of basketball, Lasell had to be modified early in the 20th century to safely accommodate its most prominent occupant – Williams basketball. Lasell opened on May 26, 1886 with a 2:30 PM exhibition of boxing, wrestling, rings, horizontal bar, tumbling, and more.

Read the whole thing for lots of Williams history trivia.

One of my big undergraduate mistakes was to never have attended an men’s basketball game. Participating in the madness of an Amherst game there must have been something. Can any readers tell us about those games?

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