An anonymous alum writes:

I am Williams class of ’06, and an occasional reader of Ephblog. As someone who just graduated with a PhD in Finance this June, I just wanted to say thanks for standing up to academic finance as a liberal art on an ephblog discussion today.

Over time, I had many similar discussions, and I have found that persuading people to change their prior opinions on this topic is, well, challenging. I hope that Williams will beef up its finance faculty in the future (e.g., prof Bill Gentry at the econ department at Williams was a big influence in my decision to go to finance phd program- he used to be a faculty at Columbia BS prior to coming to Williams).

Best of luck in lobbying for the finance major,

I need it. If Williams has a major in computer science, then it ought to have a major in finance. Perhaps Professor Gentry would be willing to head up a committee to look into the topic? Note that Adam Falk played a role in creating a similar program at Hopkins, although I believe that his predecessor as dean deserves most of the credit.

By the way, to all the liberal arts traditionalists who complained the last time around: Do you have an objection to a computer science major and department?

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