UPDATE: As pointed out by Ronit, the below should be taken with a bit of salt– due to methodological concerns.

A very brief traffic report for the past week:

Google Analytics’ (free) reports, report that we had 2,888 “absolutely unique visitors.” This is likely hogwash.

Google’s pay-$3,000- (or was it $4,000) -to-use Urchin product, along with QuantCast, both report we had approx. 1,900 visitors. That is more likely.

Of these, 68%, or about 1292, were “passers-by,” that is, individuals viewing the site only one or twice (ever). (These are also a quarter of our total visits).

That leaves us with 600 or so weekly estimated readers, who stop by “occasionally–” perhaps once a month, perhaps many times per day. (These are about 50% of our visits). (A good number of these may still be duplicates, such as office, handheld and home).

Of these, approximately <1% of the 1900, or about 15 of us, are the site 'addicts' who make up for one-quarter of all time on the site. (These represent about 25% of the grossly measured use of the site).

That would be:
1) David
2) me
3) a little law firm in Manhattan with no apparent connection to Williams
4) a machine in the corner of the third floor of Schow which may have been misconfigured[1]
5) one of the spy agencies that seems dedicated to monitoring our content[2].

So the question remains– who are these other 585 unknown EphBloggers? Who are we?

[1] Details obfuscated; you can tell something from this, but you can't tell who!
[2] Ditto, in essence.

As far as our previous (perhaps DDoS) attacks, I have severely severely reduced the resources available to any viewer. Sorry that this makes our performance momentarily weaker.

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