The Berkshire Eagle has a nice article on Cricket Creek Farm and Topher Sabot ’99, along with other local artisanal dairymen:

Beneath federally mandated inch-high warnings — “Raw Milk Is Not Pasteurized. Pasteurization destroys organisms that may be harmful to human health.” — they (and Robert and Martha Kilmer’s Twin Rivers Farm in Ashley Falls) have been doing steady business selling milk in its natural state.

Dairy in Berkshire county is, as every census attests, a dying industry. But three local dairymen — Topher Sabot of Cricket Creek Farm, Williamstown; Paul Paisley of Milk House Jersey & Swiss, Alford; and Sean Stanton of Blue Hill Farm, Great Barrington — are bucking the dire trends. Sabot and Stanton are in their early 30s. Paisley is around 40 — a decade younger than the average dairyman. None come from farm families.

Go read the rest at the Eagle — they’re doing a fine job reporting on local businesses.

And here’s the website for Cricket Creek Farm itself. As Larry George pointed out a while back, they have a farm store that sells more than just cheese and dairy products — it has the baked goods formerly available at Spring Street’s Clarksburg Bakery.

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