Matthew Yglesias writes:

I’m always surprised-anew to discover how focused on print student publications still are. When you think about it for five minutes it makes sense—these publications are largely insulated from conventional economic pressures, and that matters more than lazy stereotypes about how the kids these days love the internet.

It makes sense, but it’s foolish. If you’re in school today and think you might want to be a writer some day, you need to really focus on the fact that future labor market opportunities in the realm of writing are going to be overwhelmingly focused on hypertext.

Indeed. Record editors take note. More broadly, if you are a Williams student who has ever considered being a “writer” — understood as broadly as you like — then you ought to be writing every day. And the best way to do that is to write for an audience. And the most easily accessible audience to you is EphBlog. So, write for us.

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