The thing I love most about Williams Alums is their willingness to discuss almost anything connected to our general nerdiness. Now that I’ve left the purple bubble, it’s harder to find someone to casually chat up the recession with, discuss the new Civil War book I’m reading (A Republic of Suffering by Drew Faust), or argue about a casino that’s proposed to be built in Gettysburg, PA.

If it wasn’t obvious at this point, I was a political-science major at Williams and I spent my senior fall/winter study writing an independent thesis on Lincoln. Needless to say, I’m a huge American History nerd. I just read about this casino tonight, and immediately shot out a few links to friends and family.

While I think all Americans agree that new sources of jobs are desperately needed, I’m not sure a quick buck is worth defiling the grounds around Gettysburg. The ghost tours already annoy me, but one of my favorite things about this country is our desire and drive to preserve our national history. From the Lincoln-Herndon law offices in Springfield, to Antietam, to Mount Vernon– we are free to enjoy our national treasurers. (And literally free, too, I don’t recall paying to enter Lincoln’s home in Springfield.)

If you agree (or disagree!) feel free to make your thoughts known here and tell other Williams Alums (or those of similar nerdiness standing) about the issue.

(I attempted to google “pro-casino gettysburg” but couldn’t find a centralized website for that perspective)

Ok, extremely geeky first post… accomplished.

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