This seems to be a listing of the new membership of the Committee on Undergraduate Life.

Marlene Sandstrom, Chair
Joe Cruz
Sara Dubow
Chris Goh
Dan Greenberg

Douglas Schiazza, Director of Campus Life, ex officio
Aaron Gordon, Assistant Director for Residential Programs, ex officio
Marcela Villada Peacock, Program Coordinator, Multicultural Center

1) Does anyone know who the student members are? One of my fall projects will be to push my housing plan (pdf) and the CUL seems like the place to start.

2) It is sad to see that there is so little overlap (other than staff members Schiazza and Gordon) between CUL this year and the Neighborhood Review Committee last year. (I hope that some NRC students are on the CUL now.) My understanding (corrections welcome) is that a (the?) major focus of CUL this year is housing. The NRC did a lot of great work. It would be a shame to lose the input/experience of faculty like Adams, Siniawer and Revill.

3) Given what we have learned about President Falk, what do you predict he will do with the failed Neighborhood system?

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