Howard Kestenbaum ’67, Brian Murphy ’80 and Lindsay Morehouse ’00 were lost to us that sad September morning. May their memories live on.

Photos of Howard, Brian and Lindsay:

There are many stories in the comments and links, all worth reading.
From a recollection of Lindsay:

…the campus learned that three alums had died in the towers. I had sat next to one[], Lindsay Morehouse[], in a notoriously challenging class, History of American Business. As a group of students we never really coalesced[]. Our professor, Robert Dalzell, was brilliant and old school. He strode into class, tossed his copy of whatever books or readings he’d assigned onto the long table, and then led the discussion, [] off the top of his head. He called on people at random at least twice a class–hence, []constant classroom anxiety. Lindsay may have been the only student to exude personal warmth in that environment, while the rest of us tried to stay calm.

I can’t say we were ever pals, but it always seemed to me–at that time a rather meek freshman []–that she went out of her way to be friendly to me whenever passing elsewhere on campus. She probably would not have characterized it as such, but it was a real kindness on her part.”
[]It still breaks my heart that the world lost such a kind person.

Alas, goodness, is the most fragile of human achievements.–Ken

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