Unless you’ve been living in a cave the past six months, you’ve been exposed to Old Spice’s enormously successful viral marketing campaign, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, featuring Isaiah Mustafa.  Apparently, brand manager James Moorhead ’01, AdWeek’s Grand Marketer of the Year, was in large part responsible for changing the creative direction of Old Spice, including an instrumental role in the Mustafa campaign.  It is particularly impressive that Moorhead’s emphasis on social networking has yielded nearly 1,000,000 Facebook fans for Old Spice — not bad for a previously very unsexy deodordant brand.   

As always, Moorhead’s experience demonstrates the value of the Eph alumni network:

Moorhead grew up in Greenwich, Conn., and graduated from the preppy, private Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn. Competition, in the form of lacrosse and ice hockey, was bred into him from the get-go.  “It goes to my core personality and the way I was raised.  It’s been about competitive sports or competition my whole life. I’ve got a brother who’s a year older.  We were very competitive over everything, including the food at the table,” he says.  (He currently coaches high-school hockey when he’s not at work.)  Moorhead graduated from Williams College with a degree in economics and went straight to P&G as an intern.

“I always wanted to be a marketer from when I was little.  I had an uncle who’d been in the business.  I heard P&G was the place to go and I applied in 2000 for an internship, and I wrote to some Williams grads who were at P&G,” he says.  He managed to score an internship on the Olay brand.

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