Today seems like a good day to stir up a little trouble, er, distraction. (Unfortunately, the smoke grenades are not going to work).

That said, I’d like to emphasize that the following is not directed at any one person.

[Noise eminates from under the platform.]

However,  er,  we’ve recently heard some complaints about OC–.  Like, for instance, that if you’d like to look for a career in the tech industry, you’re plain out of luck. Out in the cold. Though, I hate to break it to you finance folks…

[More noise from underneath the stage;  strange voices.]

Lemme tell you, if you were at Stanford, you wouldn’t be out of luck — ten years ago, I was talking to one of their placement officers, who was baldly telling me to expect to pay $25/hr. for their sophomores (“if I was lucky.”)

(And guess what? It was easy to advertise at Stanford– online– and they called me to follow-up.)

But anyway, I’d like to point out something a bit more obvious.

[Loud,  but incomprehensible words from beneath the stage.]

I’d like to post a wee bitty internship at Williams, before I post it anywhere else. A small opportunity… anyway,

this is what I get when I Google ‘Williams College Post Internship.

That’s pathetic. That’s a barrier to action. That’s… what’s that word Dave uses so much… er, “stu– ” “stu– ” er, ah– sorry– can’t quite get that out, but it is silly. (I’m not going to talk about the next level of red tape).

Er,  hold on.

[The speaker engages in an argument with the stage floor,  in what to all onlookers seems to be a sort of gibberish.]

Sorry for that.  My,  um,  imaginary friend Dave here just got back from a bad vacation trip to Jupiter and keeps saying that I need to insult someone specifically to keep this interesting and stir up controversy.  It’s hard to understand him but the words “overpaid” and “incompetent” seem to be… well,  anyway.

The red tape here  is what the geographers call “a friction of distance.” I can, for instance reach 20 colleges and universities faster than I can get through the hoop to find how to list an internship at Williams. [*1]  When at other institutions,  well,  I just google,  and 90 seconds later,  I’ve been given clear,  helpful instructions and I’ve got an email confirming my listing and can be sure someone will follow up promptly with suggestions on other things I can do.

Well,  not at some state institutions.  Some of them still keep a paper binder,  and some of them think that the equivalent on the web is good enough.  But  that’s what you get,  from what suffices for government these days.

[From under stage:  “BUR–EAU–CR-A—CY!”]

If I didn’t care about Williams, or think that Williams might just have the kind of person I want, or want to continue a relationship with Williams… if I were your run-of-the-mill(ish) employer, targeting Williams would make no sense.

[From under stage:  “COLL– — –  COM-MMu– NU-!”]

I get the same result (or better) for less effort, elsewhere. I call up Phillips Brooks House, or what ever it is today at… okay, there’s the problem. I used Phillips Brooks at Harvard, because Phillips Brooks at Harvard worked… better… 20 years ago.

I hate to say that, but it’s true to some extent. There’s a problem.

[From under stage:  “— iST PLO-  — — tior  rrrrGHH!”]

Are we a society an an institution which recognizes problems, and rushes to fix them, or do we sit complacently on our hands?

To that,  I must–

[Speaker puts his foot down on something—]

[1:]Veblen? What did Veblen call this?

&@Geeks: why did Veblen get thrown out of U. Chicago?

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