A few months back, I highlighted the large number of Ephs engaged in that noblest of pastimes, providing new and better ways to consume alcohol.  I am happy to report that an equally august group of Ephs are engaged in an equally pleasure-giving field: the culinary arts.  Click through the links to read some interesting news stories interspersed in the post (my favorite is the article on Michael Gallagher).

If anyone is aware of any notable omissions, let me know and I will update this post accordingly.  It’s fun to compile these lists, but also instructive.  So many Ephs lament the fact that their only options after college seem to be grad school, consulting, or investment banking.  But as evidenced by this post (as well as the prior post on Ephs in the alcohol industry) many, many Ephs are doing really interesting things in a wide variety of fields, in particular entrepreneurial fields.  How cool would it be for Williams to bring back to campus as many Ephs engaged in the gastronomical industry as possible for a weekend-long discussion of careers in those fields (and by the way, if they are showcasing their wares, I’m there!).  It would certainly be instructive for undergrads, but also for the alums themselves — an organic farmer, venture capitalist, CEO of a restaurant chain, chef, and food writer could all stand to learn something from other Ephs who have succeeded in different aspects of the production / consumption / analysis chain.

Or failing that, OCC could create some type of resource, web-based or otherwise, geared towards bringing alums and students with a common interest in the gastronomical arenas into closer contact.   And the same thing could happen in a wide variety other fields / industries that rarely make it onto undergrads’ radars.  I’d love to see OCC take the great raw material in the alumni database (which was my primary, although not exclusive, resource for finding the alums I listed above) and create a series of highly targeted, interactive mini-networks, featuring interested alums as well a continually updated list of links to / blurbs containing crucial information provided by those alums and pertaining to getting started in their field of interest.  Perhaps OCC is doing so already, but I don’t get that sense …

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