You can get a more serious peak at EphBlog 3.0 as it shapes up at– no posting, please!
I think this kind of format, where we can slice & dice content (and eventually, rather quickly actually, have special pages) will help with some of our human factors problems.
I also believe that all major technical issues standing in our way– especially the ability to flexibly import content– are mostly gone.
I will still need a lot of help.
(Going for food, now). UPDATE: This is still fairly rough,  but where I’m (roughtly) going here,  is that I’d like to have a series of front-page categories,  such as:

Student Life
Kane’s Corner

and I’d like to begin topical focus groups– to start out,   Entrepreneurship and Ephs in Finance.    esoskin– you still in D—————–?

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