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Bard College in Financial Trouble?

hwc writes:

Try to find any financial information for Bard College and ponder why it is not available. See if you can even find out what the size of their endowment (hint: they don’t provide it to the national NACUBO survery of college endowments). Then ask whether there might be a lack of financial controls, in addition to a lack of reporting, with a President and a Chief Financial Officer who have both been in place now as a closed-loop team for over 30 years.

Personally, Bard College would be one of the very few colleges I would not allow a child to attend, based purely on concerns about the financial underpinnings of the school, given its very high price tag and reliance on tuition revenue. For that kind of money, there are countless schools that are financially solid and transparent.

Indeed. I don’t know anything about Bard, but rule #1 in finance is: Do not trust people who refuse to show you the numbers. I have also learned that hwc is right much more often than he is wrong on these topics . . .