Doug Chumbley ’78 writes:

I am a follower of EphBlog although I have never had an occasion to write any of the regulars.

Maybe you can help. I have a good friend whose daughter is going for admissions interviews at Bard, Bates and Wesleyan. My friend has asked me if I would do a mock admissions interview with her prior to her trip.

Did EphBlog ever have any entries about this topic? I cannot sem to find any but I may not be searching correctly. Even if EphBlog has not written on this topic, do you have any material that may help me do a mock admissions interview?

1) I doubt that these admissions interviews will affect your friend’s daughter’s chances. Are these interviews with actual admissions staff (Williams no longer does such interviews) or with alumni? We still do alumni interviews (I have done 5 or so) but the College tells everyone (truthfully) that they are not used when making decisions.

2) But, to the extent these interviews do matter, then I think all the generic interview advice applies, so I would focus on the obvious issues.

  • Why Bates? The applicant needs a good, long answer to that question, something specific to Bates (or Bard or Wesleyan), something which demonstrates that she has done her homework.
  • Talk about the interviewer. Everyone loves talking about themselves, so asking the interviewer about her experiences can only help. Knowing something about the history of Bates during the interviewer’s era can only help.
  • Talk about what you are an expert in, not what the interviewer is an expert in. (This advice is probably more applicable to job interviews.) With luck, there is at least one aspect of your high school career that is unusual and of interest to the interviewer.

Any advice from our readers?

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