Here is a listing of the 27 Williams seniors inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. These are the students with GPAs in the top 5% of the class. One of them will almost certainly be the valedictorian. Some (potentially offensive) comments:

  • 9 of the 27 are international students. Although this is the largest percentage that I have ever seen, it is typically the case that international students do better, on average, at Williams than US students. (Previous discussions here and here.)
  • 18 of the 27 were male. (See below the break for details.) I have not looked closely at gender numbers in previous years, but my sense is that men are, if anything, over-represented in PBK despite their, on average, lower GPAs. To anyone with a clue about human biodiversity, this would be the expected result. Men have higher standard deviations in most things, so they should be overrepresented in the tails of the GPA distribution. This would also suggest that Williams does not (nor needs to) offer admissions preferences to male applicants.
  • What is the breakdown by race? (Previous discussion here.) I don’t think that there are any African Americans in the list. (Corrections welcome.) If African American students were just as likely to be in Phi Beta Kappa as other students, we would expect to see 2 to 3. In many years of study, I don’t think that I have ever noticed an African American student in PBK. Have you? (I did see an African Eph in PBK one year.) The PC contingent among our readers should be sure to explain this puzzling anomaly in the comments.
  • Celebrities include: Christopher Fox (EphBlog author), William Lee (EphBlog contributor) and Ville Satopaa (Kane Capital summer associate). Want to be in PBK next year? Hang out with me . . .
  • I am trying to figure out what the names Lee, Meng, Li, Shin and Wang have in common. Suggestions welcome.

UPDATE: Thanks to Andy for providing the correct gender breakdown. Post has been updated accordingly.

Gender breakdown

Male: Joseph Augenbraun, Robert Cuthbert, Christopher Fox, Peter Hick, Daniel Kenefick, William Lee, Jake Levinson, Yuzhong Meng, David Oakley, Colin Platt, Mark Prins, Erdem Sahin, Ville Satopaa, Jasper Scheppe, Andrew Victor, Joshua Wilson, Ang Li, Gea Hyun Shin.

Female: Antoniya Aleksandrova, Mary Freeman, Elizabeth Kalb, Marissa Kimsey, Alexa Lutchen, Briana Marshall, Julia McGuinness, Jennifer Rowe, Zhaoning Wang,

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