The New York Times describes a dispute over the publishing of some love letters George Steinbrenner ’52 drafted while a Williams undergrad:

The letters were written mostly in pen; in one, he apologizes for writing in pencil but says that he cannot afford a pen and that his roommates wanted to charge him $1 to use theirs.

In what were usually two-page letters, the young Steinbrenner comes off as gentlemanly and impatient; hopeful that he could spend time with Schriner on trips home from Williams College and wishing that she wrote back as frequently as he wrote to her.

He wondered once why she did not seem crazy about him.

“I don’t know if it was a friendship or a romance,” she said Wednesday from her home in Westlake, Ohio. “One problem is, I was Catholic and he wasn’t.”

Steinbrenner confided in her his concerns about the coming Korean War, his frustration at losing hurdling races to Harrison Dillard, and the black eye he got in a dorm brawl. “There’s nothing mean in the letters,” she said. “He was always nice.”

Of course, no love letters can ever hope to compare with the Cheever letters (one of my all-time favorite Seinfeld moments).

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