From the Daily News:

The Staten Island schizophrenic accused of killing his parents and skipping off to Israel was extradited back to the U.S. on Sunday morning.

Eric Bellucci, who was nabbed Friday in Tel Aviv as he tried to book a flight to China, was being held Sunday at a Staten Island police station, according to a spokesman for the Staten Island district attorney’s office.

Bellucci, 30, once a star athlete at Stuyvesant High School, was scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges Monday – the same day Arthur Bellucci, 61, and Marian Bellucci, 56, will be laid to rest.

Relatives described Bellucci as a brilliant young man who attended elite Williams College, where he played baseball and football.

But mental problems later diagnosed as schizophrenia surfaced after college, causing Bellucci to be hospitalized twice. The once-promising young man became delusional and violent and often turned his rage on his family. His mental demons worsened in recent months as he refused to take his medication, the relatives said.

About a month before the brutal double murder, Bellucci called an old friend from Stuyvesant High School and said he was working with Israeli intelligence.

Since then, former classmates from Eric Bellucci’s high school and Williams College, his alma mater, have been calling the NYPD to report his troubling behavior, police sources said.

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